Our Vision

Alma Mater is the dominant language centre in Thalassery and we devote serious effort to provide the best training facilities to our students and ensure they achieve success. So, enjoy the thrill of conquering an audience by adding sparkling words to your vocabulary and by brightening your speech and writing

Why Us ?

English is considered to be a Global Language. Mastering the language can take a person many steps up his career ladder. It is the medium of instruction all over the world and it's a widely used language. The main benefit a person gains when committing to learn English is the ability to create connections with a wider range of the world's population.


As a stepping stone to achieve your vision of ensuring student success rates.

Student Testimonial


Language is one of the luxuries that we human beings possess. But why should we limit it just to our mother tongue? English is the lingua franca or the linking language of the world that opens the window of a wide arena of opportunities. Thus once we acquire it, confidence, personality, self esteem etc are siblings to it. We become a part of a new culture. Why not think of sowing the first seeds of self development with Alma Mater? The word Alma Mater means bounteous mother in Latin and an epitome of learning. Alma Mater, the institute of spoken English and the centre for IELTS,

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